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(QUALITY)    is our top priority.

Providing the Best Quality, because we care.

With Filtgard, you will quickly discover what makes a quality filter. Filtgard's filtration supremacy is the culmination of numerous design features. Every material used in making a Filtgard is chosen from the best and finest filtration media. Every component is tested for maximum strength, durability, and reliability. Filtgard filters are built to meet the highest quality standards. Uncompromising in the pursuit of perfection, in true Filtgard tradition.

Quality Control monitored round the clock.

Unlike other filter manufacturers, Filtgard has engineers dedicated in continously monitoring the quality of each part and products produced in the Filtgard plant. Every filter parts undergoes rigorous inspection for suitability and durability before they are approved for final assembly.

Filtgard Filters are built to last.

Filtgard filters are built to last more that any other filters in the market. With our advance manufacturing technology, expert engineers and premium materials, our filters will perform efficiently and reliably. So you can run your equipment worry-free.